Robyn has been with us at Essential Beauty- as a client, for over 15 years and as a Receptionist/Front End Coordinator since 2019. 

What Robyn loves  most about the salon/spa industry: "I love connecting with the clients! I also enjoy seeing the beautiful transformations of our clients and the creativity of our amazing, talented stylists!

Molly has been working here at Essential Beauty for over a year and loves the conversations and connections she has made with each client. Currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies and Psychology at UMass Boston, she is a people-oriented customer service specialist who has worked in the hospitality industry for over five years prior to her start at Essential Beauty. 

What Molly loves most about the salon/spa industry: "I love the connections I have made in working at Essential Beauty, from clients to stylists. I love to see the transformations each stylist helps to create for each person who walks through the door.'


Originally from Brazil, Roberta moved to the United States where she has now lived for 20 years and worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years. Roberta has worked in salons in New York City, Newbury Street Boston, and now Cape Cod where she calls her new home. Roberta specializes in facials and waxing services.

What Roberta loves most about the salon/spa industry: "I love making people feel beautiful, happy and confident. I love to see a big smile on a client's face when I am finished working with them!"

Amy has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and has lived and worked in various locations throughout the US. After living and working in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Maui, Hawaii she moved back to her home on Cape Cod. She looks forward to each day that she is able to use her extensive knowledge and perspective to give her clients an amazing experience.  

What Amy loves most about the salon/spa industry: "I love connecting with clients and making people feel good!"



Becca has been in the salon industry for 25+ years. She started her career on Cape Cod then moved to Newbury Street, Boston where she worked with diverse clientele. Becca took her passion to the next level in 1998 with the opening of Essential Beauty in Hyannis, MA. She is a board certified hair colorist, one of only 18 in the entire state. Becca keeps herself and her staff on the cutting edge by regularly attending seminars and workshops. She is a leader in her industry.

What Becca loves most about salon / spa industry; “Making people feel beautiful and working with such an amazing clientele”.


Andrea has worked in the salon industry for over 15 years. She graduated with her beauty licensure in Las Vegas, and specializes as a colorist for blondes, color corrections, and bridal hair services. Andrea has worked as a stylist behind the scenes with the runway and modeling industry, and attended several workshops by Steph Brinkerhoff (KENRA), Me Kim Vo (SCHWARZKOPF), Victory Barbers Mustafa Avci (Brazilian Bond Builder b3 + Hair Talk USA) and Lala Chihaia (former @lalasuodo) Sexy Hair ambassador. 

What Andrea loves most about the salon/spa industry: "Making people feel good about themselves! It's all about empowering other people."


Brandee has been in the salon industry for 18 years. She has been a solid force at Essential Beauty in Hyannis, building a wonderful clientele. She has been to countless Aveda classes and holds the title for salon coach. Leading the team with her knowledge, Brandee’s passion and drive has made her one of our most sought after stylists.

What Brandee loves most about salon/spa industry; “I love all things that allow me to be creative and inspire change”.




Cristian is our junior stylist who acquired his hair licensure in 2019. He most enjoys the culture and diversity that comes with working on different hair types and styles. He believes hair styling is it's own art form which allows for the expression of one's true self, and loves to bring that element to the clients who find themselves in his chair. 

What Cristian loves most about salon/spa industry: "I love helping someone express their true self through a new  hair color or style, and letting their personality shine through!"



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